Possum Kingdom Housing Co-op

Creating a home for working class families

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Who We Are

The Possum Kingdom Housing Cooperative (PK Co-op) is a revolutionary upstart housing cooperative in Eugene, OR designed to address the pressing housing crisis we face. In light of the ongoing struggles faced by countless individuals and families in securing affordable, stable, and generative community housing, the PK Co-op was formed with the aim of providing a sustainable solution. PK Co-op operates under a cooperative model, where members collectively own, manage, and govern the housing community, fostering an inclusive and democratic living environment for all residents.

Help Support This Vision!

Please join us in fighting the housing crisis with a local community driven solution that will provide real, low-cost housing for decades to come!

Currently we are trying to raise $250,000 quickly in order to put up a significant down payment that will ease the financing for this project.

Our Purpose

To create homes for working class families. To purchase a property and convert it into a limited equity housing co-op, supported by a Community Land Trust, wherein rent-burdened tenants can become homeowners by buying a share of the development and committing to sell their share when they leave for a price that maintains both long term affordability and individual wealth creation.


As the housing crisis surges in Eugene and all throughout the west coast, this is a unique opportunity for tenants to take control of their housing in a way that fully replaces the exploitative landlord-tenant relationship which has left us on a runaway train towards economic disaster. This project is a genuinely community-driven solution, as the tenants and their community supporters have worked hard to take ownership of this property and devised this plan themselves as a way to do so.